Are you being found?

Can clients find you?

Can you find you?

Three very simple questions that should all be answered with an emphatic YES!  If not, well then “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin to do!”

We’re talking about one of the most critically important purposes of marketing your business- making sure clients are able to find you and contact you.

You could be an amazingly talented plumber or the best roofer in your state or the most talented lawyer in the world. But if clients can’t get a hold of you, it doesn’t mean diddly squat.

So let’s take a second and ask ourselves, how is my business generating clients?

Is it word of mouth?

Hey, not bad.  Word of mouth is always a powerful thing to have on your side when it’s a positive word that’s going around.  But that only takes you so far.

Is it print ads?

Ok, good. We’re starting to branch into the marketing realm here.  Print ads are a nice start.  But how efficient are they?  What percentage of clients that your fliers were passed out to even read the thing? How many of them just threw it away without giving it a shot.  Are you even sending the fliers to the right people?

Ok so maybe you went with the big bucks and did radio and/or TV ads.  Well kudos to you, well done.  Any type of marketing is better than no marketing.  It looks like you’re at least generating some name recognition.  But how many of those clients wrote down your number just in case they may need to call you at some point down the road?  How many of those clients even cared about your commercial?  Was it even relevant to them?

I know, I know. There are a handful of you out there just sitting back in your chair right now reading this with a little happy feeling inside because you think you’ve got an answer for all of this.

Maybe you think you have that silver bullet.

You’ve found that medium that solves all of the issues mentioned above.

It’s the most efficient!

It’s the most relevant!

It’s the broadest reaching!

It’s the most bang for your buck!

It’s… It’s… It’s the PHONEBOOK!


Thanks for playing! We have some lovely parting gifts you can use while your business goes the way of the dinosaurs.

The only thing the phonebook is good for nowadays is as a booster seat or propping up under the leg of that wobbly table that sits in the corner of your office.

Times change. Technology changes.  It always has and it always will.  And that’s a good thing, as long as you change along with it.

I’m talking about the internet here people.  Specifically search engine marketing. Clients MUST be able to find you. Do you show up on Google, Yahoo, or Bing?

If not, well then let’s make sure you have a website first.  If you don’t have one, well what are you waiting for? That is the single best tool to explain to clients who you are, what you do, where you do it, when you do it, how you do it and exactly WHY you should be the one doing it.

But the necessity of a website is a whole other blog post. So let’s stay focused.

We need to make sure you’re listed where people who are looking for you, can find you. In 2011 over 70% of consumers went online to look for a product or local service first.

If you sell widgets, then you better show up when somebody goes online and searches for widgets.

If you’re a plumber, then you better show up when somebody goes online and searches for plumbers.

If you’re going to focus you’re attention on being on the best, then hands down it’s Google.  They’re the big dog. Google has over 85% of the global search marketshare.

In 2010 on Google alone, there was an average of 620 million visitors per day.  This is the largest, most relevant, most important audience that you MUST find a way to be in front of.

Now it’s just not enough to be on somewhere on Google. Page 43 of the search results “ain’t gonna cut it.” Actually page 2 isn’t even going to be worth your time.  It is an absolute must that you show up on the first page.

With that being said, even your position on the first page is critical.  You want to do everything in your power to be as close to the top as possible.

Why, you ask?

Great question.  Simply being listed isn’t enough. You have to have clients actually clicking on you so that they go to your website where you sell them and close them.

The difference in the number of people that click on the first guy on the page and the last guy on the page is night and day.

The first result of a Google search gets around 42% of the people actually clicking on it. The last guy, he’s looking at a little over 2%.

So you tell me.  Where would you rather be?

Now, getting to be number one requires a lot of skill and some luck.  So even being in the top three is ok.  In fact that’s what your minimum goal should be.

The top three results will still garner over 60% of all people clicking on them. You would LOVE to have your website come up as one of the first three results.

Every time you’re showing up in at least one of the top three positions of Google you’re placing yourself in front of every single client who is looking for you.  And you’re giving your business the best chance of having them come to you.

That my friends, is your honey pot of advertising.  That is your mecca of search engine placement. That is where you make or break your business.

So I’ll ask you again… Are you being found?


-Guest Written By Garrett Yates


About Pinogy Corporation

Pinogy provides technology services, consulting, and marketing primarily to the pet industry. Our applications are used in general retail, animal shelters, and pet stores throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.

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