Facebook has launched a new feature for mobile, Find Friends Nearby, which will help you find people in your vicinity.

This will come in handy if you meet, for example, a John Smith and would like to add him on Facebook without being confused by the hundreds of other Facebook users with that name.

In order to find a user through Find Friends Nearby, you and the person you’re looking for must both have the feature turned on.

Does this new feature seem useful or creepy?

If you are networking for business it could be a little creepy, I mean do you want everyone you meet to have access to your personal Facebook page? Let us know your thoughts.

But while we are on the subject, Facebook has some other new things coming in the near future. Right now, Facebook’s facial-recognition software can sense who is in your pictures and make tagging suggestions, but what if the social network could further learn behaviors and preferences by reading the Gap sweatshirt you’re wearing and seeing that Coca-Cola can in your hand?

Following Facebook’s recent acquisition of Face.com a facial recognition software program, for an undisclosed amount of money last week, some users have expressed concern that the expansion of this type of technology on the social network could encroach on their privacy rights. Facebook hasn’t said what its future plans are for Face.com or its technology and would not comment for this story.

Facebook has been using the Israeli startup’s software for about a year and a half, accessing the billions of pictures sitting on its servers to learn the faces of you and your friends. The news that Facebook would be bringing the vendor in-house implies that the company sees the technology as an area for potential growth.

But because Facebook’s rapid user growth has slowed due to so many people joining the site in recent years, it needs to boost engagement in other ways.


Again what are your thoughts and concerns? Let us know.


As Always have fun and be social!


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