Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube provide your company with three major opportunities to generate business by building powerful relationships with your clients.

Most small businesses have finally realized the value in utilizing social media. But many, however, are still on level one, where they are stuck between actually engaging their clients and really seeing the value in utilizing the social media opportunities. There is great value in using analytics and insights.

Here are the four main things you can easily watch.

1: REACH –  Know how many fans, followers, subscribers, visitors and discussions are actually taking place. This gives you visibility and understanding, knowing where and when your content is being discussed, enjoyed (LIKED), or shared.

Facebook especially makes this very easy by giving page manager this information right above your wall.

2: ENGAGEMENT – Move past just counting your fans daily. As you improve your content and engage your clients, the number will grow on its own. Look at the important things such as who is sharing your posts and how many likes and comments are you getting on them.

If you are not getting many response’s to your posts you may want to change your wording, or maybe the length of your status updates are too long or involved. Make it easy with simple calls to action.

**EXAMPLE**    “LIKE” this if you agree!   Or,   Check this out!

Ask your fans simple questions, post a silly photo and say simply, Caption this!

3: Community Involvement – Like other pages that are similar to yours and have a similar mission. Get involved and excited with your fans or followers. Use this to help you with new ideas and discover new ways to reach out to your online community.

4: ROI (Return on Investment) – Keep track of leads generated and sales via Facebook coupons or ads on other social media pages. If you put a coupon on your Facebook page keep track of the amount of them redeemed.

 Always keep in mind “Content is KING”. In order for your business to evolve, you must provide your clients with something worth engagement.


As Always, Have Fun and Be Social!



About Pinogy Corporation

Pinogy provides technology services, consulting, and marketing primarily to the pet industry. Our applications are used in general retail, animal shelters, and pet stores throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.

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