Pinogy’s Guide to Blogging

High level items only.  Keep the post short and sweet to keep readers interested, as opposed a novel, which will result in readers leaving the page out of boredom.

You should post at least twice a month; it doesn’t need to be more frequent than that.

Do not copy and paste content or just regurgitate what others have said.  Instead, write specific pieces on what you are the expert on or what you are targeting.

The posts should be informative, but also fun to read.

No cursing!  It reflects poorly on your business and is very unprofessional.

The purpose of the blog is to become an authority in a particular area.  This results in your webpage being listed higher on search engines, and thusly will result in more new customers finding you.

While pictures and fun stories are nice and can be a piece of your blog, content is king here and is what will help increase search engine ranking.

Having tons of pictures and sharing personal stories from the store are better put on your social media sites like Facebook and Google+.

Blogging is to build the authority of your website, versus other social tools like Facebook and Google+ to engage and retain customers.

If appropriate for what’s being discussed, add a question at the end of the post to encourage replies; “What do you think?” or “What’s your story?” for instance.

Keep your keywords in mind and try to use them.

Have Fun!


About Pinogy Corporation

Pinogy provides technology services, consulting, and marketing primarily to the pet industry. Our applications are used in general retail, animal shelters, and pet stores throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.

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